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Branding, Print & Web Design
Student Project

ChileUP! student project – branding, print and responsive web design – original logo.
Logo Design for Print and Web
(click on image to enlarge design)
ChileUP! student project – branding, print and responsive web design – website home page.
Website Home Page – Click on Image to Visit Site
(old fledgling site, some font links are broken, but still shows some of my favorites)
ChileUP! student project – branding, print and responsive web design – six-page menu, outside pages.
ChileUP! student project – branding, print and responsive web design – six-page menu, inside pages.
ChileUP! student project – branding, print and responsive web design – business card.
Menu and Business Card
(click on images to enlarge designs)

Design Notes – Student Project

The ChileUP! Southwestern Style practicum assessments were from both my first and second online courses at Hodges University – Introduction to Graphic Design and Introduction to Web Design. These project creations – original logo, six-page menu, business card and responsive website – were also fun and helped me develop life-long design and editing skills. However, the website created with Bootstrap 3 gave me quite a few learning opportunities. Bootstrap is a framework that makes it easier for web designers to create responsive sites. Responsive websites automatically resize to fit many different devices (e.g., desktops, tablets, mobile phones and so on) and are essential for appealing, user-friendly designs.

My ChileUP! Southwestern Style website was a love-hate, love-hate, love-it-now experience! I’m thankful for the website design challenges because I now have a much better working relationship with Bootstrap. I’m also grateful for being able to network with a web developer, who graciously helped me understand the coding obstacles getting in the way of my prior responsive ChileUP! web designs.

Examples of my original ChileUP! Southwestern Style logo, website, menu and business card links are above. I changed the six-page, tri-fold layout of the 
ChileUP! menu page arrangement to make it easier to see the front and back covers.

Technical requirements from the practicum assessments are summarized below if you’re interested in comparing the assessed skills with my designs.

Design Challenge Task:
For a hip, new restaurant in town that serves Southwestern food, think of a name for this new restaurant and design an original logo and wordmark, six-page menu, business card and responsive website to attract customers. The correlated designs will create branding and visually memorable restaurant identity.

Core Target Market:
Families in upper-middle class neighborhoods in suburban areas


  • Six-Page Menu – 5.5" x 17" per page, 300 dpi resolution

  • Business Card – 3.25" x 2", 300 dpi resolution

  • Responsive Website – at least six pages

Digital Design Software:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

  • Adobe InDesign CC 2017

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017

  • Bootstrap Version 3.3.7

Logo and Wordmark Requirements
Must be an original logo or wordmark used for the purposes of identification and branding the restaurant

Six-Page Menu Requirements

  • Original composite image cover with at least three photos

  • Decorative font with applied layer effects for name of the restaurant

  • Original restaurant logo or wordmark

Four Interior Pages:

  • Based on a single master page with a running header and page numbers

  • Four stylistically similar icons for the four main sections of the menu – appetizers, main dishes, drinks and desserts

  • At least two photos per page

  • At least four menu items per section with description and price, formatted using paragraph styles

Back Cover:

  • Must include physical address and online address of the restaurant

  • Must include the logo or wordmark

  • Must include an image


  • At least one image must include text wrap

  • Must include character styles applied to at least two words

Business Card Requirements
Use any of the above elements to create a business card for this restaurant

Responsive Website Requirements

  • At least a six-page responsive website with Bootstrap Version 3 CSS styling

  • Responsive resizing for desktop, tablet and mobile devices

  • Pages include Home, About, Contact and at least three choices (Menus, Request Pick Up or Delivery, Entertainment, Chefs’ Demos and Lunch Menu)

  • Include images, web fonts, at least one image slider or carousel, form, video(s), live map, live calendar, external links, social media icons with links and other appropriate elements

Student Project Disclaimer:

  • This student project is the result of one or more practicum assessments while I was a Hodges University UPOWER student in Naples, Florida, from July 2017 to January 2018 (including a several-week Hurricane Irma break). UPOWER is a self-paced, online subscription program. The technical requirements noted above, which can be used to compare the assessed skills with my designs, are from this time period.

  • Based on the requirements for these practicum assessments, I developed the ChileUP! projects for the sole purpose of achieving academic objectives. They are not for commercial use. My current professional design portfolio is limited, so I’m depending on my student projects to showcase my skills.

Copyright Attributions:

  • ChileUP! Menus Page – Cover Image “Mmm Tacos” by jeffreyw via flickr is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

  • ChileUP! Chefs’ Demos Page – Cover Image

“Chef Demonstration” from Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center – permission granted to use image by Sean Webb, Marketing/Advertising Representative

  • ChileUP! Chefs’ Demo Page – You Tube Video #1

“Chef Enrique Olvera's Restaurant Pujol is One of the World's Best”

  • ChileUP! Chefs’ Demo Page – You Tube Video #2

“Restaurant Pujol with Enrique Olvera”

  • ChileUP! Chefs’ Demo Page – You Tube Video #3

“Southwestern Cooking Class”

  • ChileUP! Contact Us Page – Cover Image

“SoBo's meets customers in the middle with fusion dishes” – permission pending, waiting for response

Versatility is my strength and passion.

Finally – My Next Chapter!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my web and digital design portfolio. I’m Beth (Beth A. Maxwell – BAM), and I’m glad you’re here!


Many great things have happened for me in the last several years. My dreams to become a graphic designer are now a reality. After almost 28 years as a public-school educator (two master’s degrees in education and 24 years in two school districts), I was blessed with the opportunity to become a full-time student. During my semi-retirement in Naples, Florida, I studied digital design software to enhance my skills and to transition to my next, professional chapter. Even more exciting – I’m looking forward to combining my journalism and communication skills from my first degree with my graphic design passion to help you promote your passions.

Please contact me when you’re ready to talk about a new website, your plans to revise your current site, graphic design ideas, or if you need help with using or understanding technology.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with you.

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