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Home page of Beth A. Maxwell's first Coconut BAM Productions site (from many moons ago).
Home Page for My First Website (from many moons ago)
Business card, front side, for Beth A. Maxwell of Coconut BAM Productions.   Click on image to enlarge picture.
Business card, back side, for Beth A. Maxwell of Coconut BAM Productions.
Business Card – Front and Back
(click on images to enlarge designs)

Coconut BAM Productions has been a dream of mine for many years. It’s exciting that I’m finally well into the transition process of my retirement from the public-school system in June of 2017 to becoming a web and graphic designer. My full-circle professional life is back to where I began – public relations and marketing then to being a public-school teacher, reading coach, intervention support specialist, and now back to public relations and marketing – this time as a digital designer.

The skills I’ve learned and used throughout my professions are interrelated and remain consistent. Regardless of my formal job description:

  • I’ve always had a desire to help others.

  • I’ve always been an educator.

  • I’ve always had a passion for research and creativity.

Continuing my creative passions are now through web and graphic design. If I don't know how to do something, I research the tasks using standards-based literature. I then collaboratively work with my team toward actions-based solutions. In addition to web design and developing marketing tools, my services also include instruction in helping my clients:

  • Access and navigate the internet.

  • Effectively use the Microsoft Office/365 products (e.g., Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook) as well as other software and apps.

  • Manage a smartphone, tablet and/or personal computer.

I'm currently updating my own websites – they're ongoing projects! and are always “under construction” as I add current or favorite web and graphic designs. Please enjoy my work, and contact me with your design or technology questions.


Judy Thompson of Watercolor Addict and Pup Portrait Studio

Judy Thompson

Watercolor Addict &
Pup Portrait Studio

Beth, you are a truly gifted graphic designer. Moreover, you know how to collaborate with your client, really listening to their input. Thank you for the work you’ve done for Watercolor Addict and the Pup Portrait Studio. I’m looking forward to working with you again.

Kim Zyblut of RISE Tutoring

Kim Zyblut

RISE Tutoring

I just used the best website designer that I have ever had the pleasure of working with for my new business RISE Tutoring. Beth not only enhanced my current site, but she also created my business cards, stationery and flyers. I have had nothing but compliments from my clients. If you are looking for a graphic designer, I would recommend Coconut BAM Productions.

Dr. Phyllis Walters of Comprehensive Psychological Services in SWFL

Phyllis Walters, PhD

Comprehensive Psychological Services in Southwest Florida

Thank you so much for creating my beautiful and user-friendly website. I do love it! Your attention to detail, your additional content and your photo choices are perfect! I appreciate you!

Jan McDonald and Cathy Sund of A New Look Color & Hair Design Studio

Jan McDonald &
Cathy Sund

A New Look Color & Hair Design Studio

Thank you, Beth, for working with us on another A New Look Color & Hair Design Studio website. We appreciate how you listen then expertly guide us with our decisions. Our potential clients can also easily locate us from searching for their favorite products in our site.

Reference Letters

From Educational Colleagues

Gold Highlighted Text Shows Attributes and Skills
Also Relevant for Successful Digital Design Teamwork

Beth Maxwell’s commitment to excellence and her persistent dedication to serve our staff is unparalleled. She developed and helped me to incorporate a small-group reading rotation system several years ago that I still use today due to its effectiveness.

I can recall several occasions where I needed assistance or clarification about reading programs, and Ms. Maxwell was always willing and able to help me. She has been the liaison many times between district administrative directives and the teachers to help us understand the objectives, goals and our accountability; her extraordinary attention to details and her thoroughness in addressing our needs is exemplary and oft times inspiring.

Mrs. T.

As a speech/language pathologist, I frequently rely on Beth as a knowledgeable resource to provide me with direction on how to access reading test results on my students and how to interpret that data. Beth has often met with me for extended periods of time to discuss the most current reading tests or strategies related to my students’ needs.

Throughout the school year Beth provides in-service training to the staff. She clearly explains the information and provides handouts, Power Points and step-by-step instructions and details on the topic.

She also conducted a well-organized training for our staff on the new standardized test. I have also been impressed with her ability to adapt her lessons to meet the skill levels of each student.

Mrs. C.

Beth Maxwell is a colleague of mine and is a highly respected reading coach. She is extremely knowledgeable in her subject areas, always prepared for classes with data and progress monitoring results and shows teacher leadership with staff while maintaining a friendly and professional rapport with them. She is well liked by students and staff, and she always goes above and beyond to support with strategies in the classroom.

Ms. J.

Beth has graciously mentored me. Her expertise on the complexities of reading, and her kind and patient support was invaluable to me.  Her amiable demeanor has made her a strong asset to our team.

Mrs. O.

Beth is very approachable by teachers and coaches when it comes to assistance with reading either in reading classrooms or across the content areas. An example of her leadership is her ability to create numerous documents to share with not only her staff but with coaches across the district.

We have always turned to her for direction when data interpretation was needed. It was her assistance and documentation that helped coaches understand the assessments required of teachers, and how to apply this information when scheduling and creating differentiation.

Her leadership has kept us focused and organized.

Mrs. S.

Ms. Maxwell’s greatest strength is the level of excellence that characterizes every aspect of her position as reading coach.

She is always pleasant, well-prepared and knowledgeable in her presentations to faculty or parents. She is passionate about the success of struggling students.

No aspect of her job ever slips through the cracks for she will diligently pursue the answer to the most difficult question rather than providing an inaccurate response.

Mrs. B.

Ms. Maxwell possesses all the qualities of an effective teacher and coach. These qualities include excellent organizational skills, knowledge of subject matter, professionalism and a wonderful rapport with students.

In addition, her expertise in technology is extremely helpful to students and staff.

Mrs. F.

When I was taking classes for my Master’s degree, it was Ms. Maxwell who provided me with important information about the students' scores in our school.


She took time to gather information, analyze scores and make reports that she then would carefully explain to me.

She is an extremely dedicated,  hardworking and fine educator.

Mrs. F.

Versatility is my strength and passion.

Finally – My Next Chapter!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my web and digital design portfolio. I’m Beth (Beth A. Maxwell – BAM), and I’m glad you’re here!


Many great things have happened for me in the last several years. My dreams to become a graphic designer are now a reality. After almost 28 years as a public-school educator (two master’s degrees in education and 24 years in two school districts), I was blessed with the opportunity to become a full-time student. During my semi-retirement in Naples, Florida, I studied digital design software to enhance my skills and to transition to my next, professional chapter. Even more exciting – I’m looking forward to combining my journalism and communication skills from my first degree with my graphic design passion to help you promote your passions.

Please contact me when you’re ready to talk about a new website, your plans to revise your current site, graphic design ideas, or if you need help with using or understanding technology.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with you.

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