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Branding, Print & Direct Mail Campaign

RISE Tutoring flyer and Kim Zyblut’s introduction letter, front side.
RISE Tutoring flyer and Kim Zyblut’s introduction letter, back side.
RISE TUTORING – Flyer Mailed to Target Audience
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RISE TUTORING – Previous Website Created by a Web Developer and
Our Foundation for Branding Other Marketing Materials
RISE Tutoring flyer, introduction letter and business card mailed to Kim Zyblut’s target audience.
RISE Tutoring website created by a web developer and used for branding Kim's marketing materials.

Design Notes

Kim Zyblut, my friend and former middle school colleague, is building her business RISE TUTORING and asked me to help with her marketing materials. We agreed to connect the colors and message from her beautiful website, which was previously created by her friend who is a web developer, to her business cards and direct mail pieces as well as future projects.

Based on our discussion about her goals and target market, we developed her branding objectives to clearly deliver her message and connect her potential clients/students with her tutoring services.

We started with her business cards and letterhead then developed a direct mail campaign to get the word out about her specialized tutoring company. We designed the For Students Who Need Intervention flyer and wrote the introductory letter that she recently sent to her target audience of more than 200 prospects. She included several business cards with each flyer and asked her audience to give cards to families of students needing specialized learning methods.

Read more about Kim's tutoring services in her website RISE TUTORING (click on bold text for quick access to her site, or bookmark If you know anyone who has a student in need of after-school intervention, please contact her for more information.

Versatility is my strength and passion.

Finally – My Next Chapter!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my web and digital design portfolio. I’m Beth (Beth A. Maxwell – BAM), and I’m glad you’re here!


Many great things have happened for me in the last several years. My dreams to become a graphic designer are now a reality. After almost 28 years as a public-school educator (two master’s degrees in education and 24 years in two school districts), I was blessed with the opportunity to become a full-time student. During my semi-retirement in Naples, Florida, I studied digital design software to enhance my skills and to transition to my next, professional chapter. Even more exciting – I’m looking forward to combining my journalism and communication skills from my first degree with my graphic design passion to help you promote your passions.

Please contact me when you’re ready to talk about a new website, your plans to revise your current site, graphic design ideas, or if you need help with using or understanding technology.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with you.

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